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Le Wax Boutique


Le Wax Boutique



Le Wax Boutique is a local salon in North Park, San Diego that needed an update to their website to ensure their customers are able to easily book appointments online. I implemented interface design best practices to create an updated website and app for the boutique.


    • UX/UI Design


    • Sketch

    Analysis of Current Site

    After working for and talking to different companies, I learned that oftentimes there aren't enough resources or time for companies to do a a full user research analysis. Many times, designers are asked to use their knowledge in user experience and best practices to create intuitive and easy-to-use designs with little to no concrete user research. For this project I decided to follow this same idea and use best practices to create new designs for a website and app. Le Wax Boutique currently only has a website, but I thought it would be important to create an app as well for customers that are on the go and want to easily book an appointment or check availability.  

    I began my analysis of the current site by going through each page of the site performing different tasks and taking note of any interface design violations (I referenced Nielsen's 10 usability heuristics for user interface design). This helped me gain an understanding for all the information that needs to be displayed as well as where the site needs improvement.


    Violations on current site

    Visibility of system status: Users do not receive feedback about what step in the process they are on when booking an appointment.

    Aesthetic and minimalist design: Overall, the current site felt very outdated and inefficient.

    Flexibility and efficiency of use: Some pages require a lot of scrolling to see all information, and a lot of scrolling to get back to the top of the page.

    Positive aspects of current site

    User control and freedom: Users have the ability to edit their appointment throughout the booking process.

    Feedback: Users are notified that their appointment has been booked on the site and through an email confirmation.


    Paper Prototyping

    Once I became very familiar with the information on the site and where the site could be improved, I began sketching out all my ideas for both the new website and app designs. Once I had all my ideas down on paper I went back through everything to solidify an information flow and how information would be displayed on each page. 



    I began creating wireframes on Sketch for both the app and website designs. This process helped me decide how the content would be laid out on each page. I also used this process to experiment with different designs I came up with from my paper prototypes. 


    App Wireframes

    Menu Nav User flow.png
    User flow - booking.png

    Website Wireframes

    Web- menu nav.png
    Web - User flow.png


    In order to really bring this prototype to life, I created some design specs that embodied the new look and feel of Le Wax Boutique. I wanted it to feel modern, feminine, and simple. Creating these design specs also helped me stay consistent in the spacing and sizing of text. 

    Le Wax - Design Specs.png

    Website Final Prototype

    Le Wax - Final Website pt. 1.png
    Le Wax - Final Website pt. 2.png
    Le Wax - Final Website pt.3.png
    Le Wax - Final Website pt.4.png

    App Final Prototype

    Le Wax - Final App pt.1.png
    Le Wax - Final App pt. 2.png
    Le Wax - Final App pt. 3.png


    This was a side project I took on by myself in order to gain more experience and practice with responsive design. After this project, I feel much more confident in my abilities to design across platforms. I enjoyed having full creative freedom on this project as it encouraged me to think outside the box and showcase my user interface design skills.