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Fit Buddies


Fit Buddies



An overwhelming majority of college students do not work out as much as they want to due to their busy schedules. Fit Buddies is an app that is dedicated to keeping students motivated and accountable for working out through peer-motivation. Fit Buddies connects users with others based on common health goals and scheduling needs. 


    • User Research
    • UX/UI Design


    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Sketch
    • Invision

    User Research

    In order to better understand college students workout habits and goals, we conducted interviews, field observations, and online surveys. 


    We conducted over 10 in person interviews which helped us understand our users habits, preferences, and thoughts about exercising. 

    Field Observations

    We went out to local gyms and parks where people exercise to observe our target audience. We were interested in how long people exercise, if they workout together or alone, and what kind of technology they use.

    Online Surveys

    We also conducted online surveys to understand peoples interest in exercising, how often they exercise, if they exercise alone, etc.

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    • Many students want to work out more than they currently do but their busy schedules make it difficult for them to achieve their goals
    • 88% of survey respondents are interested or wish to have a workout partner.


    • People like working out with others because it holds them more accountable
    • Motivators for working out: Looking good, feeling good, increase productivity
    • Deterrences for working out: time, stress, mood, too tired, intimidation

    Competitive Analysis

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    • Most existing products are just geared towards one or two aspects of fitness/health (diet, steps, calories, etc.) rather than an overall approach to fitness
    • Existing products lack in scheduling and time management tracking
    • Existing products are unsuccessful in providing users with a quick and easy way to find someone to workout with


    We created three personas based on our user research. The two primary personas range from frequent exercise to rarely exercise. Our secondary persona is a program director at UCSD who is passionate about students health and wellbeing. 

    Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.38.00 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.38.00 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.38.00 PM.png


    We showed users different scenarios through storyboards and asked them to explain which ones they identified with the most and why. We found that most users related the most to the "Specifying type of workout in finding workout partner" storyboard because finding someone with similar workout interests is one of the most important factors in finding a workout partner. For example, this would be an essential function for a user looking for someone to go on a run with.  

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    The Challenge:

    From our data collection, we concluded that many college students have trouble keeping themselves accountable for working out.

    Our Solution:

    Fit Buddies is an app that connects individuals with similar workout interests in nearby areas. Our app integrates the buddy system and simple scheduling methods to keep individuals motivated and accountable for working out.


    App Functionality


    Discover new fitness buddies through different filters.

    Schedule workouts and track personal fitness stats and workout history.

    Earn rewards for working out and discovering new buddies.

    Paper Prototyping

    We used paper prototypes to figure out the flow of our app as well as how information is displayed on each page. 



    We created low fidelity wireframes on Sketch to begin adding more detail to each page. We created a home page, discover page, and a profile page which includes personal stats, a calendar, buddies, and a bio. 

    Fitbuddies discover.png
    fitbuddies- discover filters.png
    Profile- stats.png


    We tested our wireframes on students who varied on workout frequency (from people who workout everyday to people who don't workout at all). During testing we gave users 4 tasks to complete and 5 follow up interview questions. 

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    • Check your workout progress from last week
    • Find someone to go on a run with
    • Check out your connected buddies

    Interview questions:

    • How did you feel about using this app?
    • At what points were you confused or stuck, why?
    • What did you like or dislike about the app?
    • Would you use this app?
    • How would you improve this app?

    Testing Insights


    • Overall users liked the idea of the app and understood the flow of information

    • Users believe that having a workout partner with similar interests and goals would hold them more accountable

    • Users appreciate that they are able to find a workout partner immediately and don't always need to plan everything out ahead of time



    • Not enough filters available. Solution: Add more filter options such as distance other users are from you and availability.

    • Most common functions should be easy to access (about 1 click away). Possible solution: Add shortcuts for the most common tasks to reduce the amount of clicks users must complete to reach their goals.

    • Profile page is cluttered and overwhelming. Possible solution: Condense information and take out the sliding navigation at the top of the Profile page.

    Design Specs

    We created a mood board and design specs in order to create an app that had consistent visual design and branding. We aimed to use colors, fonts, and shapes that aligned with our apps goal: increasing fitness productivity through motivation. 

    Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.25.52 AM.png

    Final Design

    The first screen has a log in option for returning users or a register option for new users who want to join.

    Asset 11@3x.png

    The home page includes easy access buttons that direct the user to the most common tasks for example: viewing schedule

    Asset 12@3x.png

    The landing page on the discover tab consists of a discover "new buddies" feature and a "live map" feature for 2 different ways to discover.

    We added different categories of filters based on type of exercise, how far away other users are, and the availability of other users.

    The live map feature is not displayed on the Discover landing page to maintain a simple and sleek look. The live map feature can be accessed by sliding the top bar from "New Buddies" to "Live Map".

    Asset 13@3x.png
    Asset 14@3x.png
    Asset 15@3x.png

    The landing page for "Profile" displays the users basic information and workout statistics.

    Asset 16@3x.png

    The "schedule" tab displays todays plan and the months activity.

    Asset 18@3x.png

    The "My Buddies" tab displays the users top buddies and all buddies.

    Asset 20@3x.png


    This project was completed for a prototyping course at UCSD (DSGN 100), and one of the first projects I completed in which visual design was a key requirement. I really enjoyed learning and practicing visual design because I think it really helps bring an idea to life. This project also taught me a lot about Adobe Illustrator and InVision as these were the two main programs we used to complete this project.